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Asia Program

Asian Studies at WSU

The interdisciplinary Asia Program provides a broad, systematic examination of Asia through the study of history, language, literature, culture, philosophy, religion, society, arts, politics, and cinema. It is designed to deepen students’ appreciation of the complexity and diversity of the region encompassing East Asia, South Asia, and the Middle East.

Classes are taught by faculty whose departmental homes include history, philosophy, foreign languages and cultures, political science, marketing, and international business. Exemplary teachers and researchers, faculty of the Asia Program are distinguished by their extensive travel and the scholarly work they conduct abroad.

Faculty research interests range from translation of ancient Chinese texts to Japanese aesthetics and urban history, as well as Asian philosophy, ethical theory, east–west studies, Islam, and issues of globalization, including international trade, social and environmental justice—even Chinese pesticide policy.

The major in Asian studies promotes depth and breadth with course work in major areas of the humanities and social sciences. Students may focus on one country or region (China, Japan, India, Middle East), while developing pan-Asian perspectives and interdisciplinary perspectives through geographic and disciplinary distribution requirements. Alternatively, students may complete a minor in Asian studies, tailored to their individual interests, while satisfying several of their general education requirements.

Study abroad is very strongly encouraged.