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Asia Program Scholarships and Awards

Asia Program Undergraduate Scholarship

Application Deadlines

October 1 for fall semester projects
February 1 for spring semester or summer projects

Eligibility and Guidelines

The Asia Program Undergraduate Scholarship shall be awarded in support of research and academic activities in Asian studies. For purposes of this award, “Asian studies” applies to all of Asia outside Russia, inclusive of the Middle East and Central Asia.

Criteria for this award shall be as follows:

  1. Preference shall be given to certified Asian studies majors or minors.
  2. Candidates shall submit an application essay specifying the research project or activity to be supported.
  3. Applicants will secure one faculty recommendation for their project.

Questions? Call 509-335-4622, or email

Past Recipients
  • 2017:¬†Davin Fladager-McCullough, Takashi DeLeon
  • 2016: Emily Rager, Gabriela Olivas, Zachary S. Brown, Anna E. Cole
  • 2015: Gabriela Olivas, Victor Li