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Asia Program Scholarships and Awards

Award for Best Paper in Asian Studies

Nomination Deadline

April 1

Eligibility and Guidelines

The Asia Program Award for Best Paper shall be awarded for the best-written paper in Asian studies. For purposes of this award, “Asian studies” applies to all of Asia outside Russia, inclusive of the Middle East and Central Asia. The award shall normally carry a monetary award of $100.

Criteria for this award shall be as follows:

  1. Eligible undergraduate research papers on Asian studies shall be submitted in courses with the Asian studies course number prefix or cross-listed with Asian studies courses.
  2. Candidates shall be nominated by course instructors.
  3. Awards may be given for the best paper written in each academic semester (fall, spring, and/or summer).

Questions? Talk with your instructor, or contact the Asia Program at 509-335-4622 or

Past Recipients
  • 2017:┬áJay Willoughby, Emily Rager, N. Konnor Massa
  • 2016: Trudy Boothman, Drew Porter
  • 2015: Julie Harrington, Cristina Martija-Harris, Kyle Royce, Tait Meyer
  • 2007: Thomas Westphal
  • 2005: Jessica Woelke
  • 2004: Kimberly Larsen
  • 2003: Aaron Hayes
  • 2002: Micah Jeschke
  • 2001: William A. Wells
  • 1997: Miriam Stratton