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Asia Program Undergraduate Studies

Study Abroad in Asia

Are you curious, adventuresome, and ready for new challenges? Immerse yourself in another culture! Choose from full-year, one-semester, or summer programs in China, Egypt, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Korea, Mongolia, Nepal, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, or Vietnam.

The Asia Program considers study abroad a significant aspect of education for its majors and minors, and there are many excellent opportunities in East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, and the Middle East. Study abroad deepens and enriches the intellectual experience and creates an awareness and understanding of diversity and difference.

Visit WSU’s Study Abroad website for more information.

From Our Students

Gabriela Olivas | Japan
Gabriela Olivas

Being in a different country can have its challenges, but I believe once you face those challenges the reward is much greater. Living in Japan for over two months now has been amazing. Diving into the culture was a bit hard at first, but the friendly and kind nature of the Japanese people made my transition smooth. I’ve enjoyed making friends with the locals, wearing yukatas, and eating delicious takoyaki. My language skills have increased immensely here. I think that was thanks to the full-immersion program that I’m a part of. I know it’s going to be sad when I leave. But it’s not “good-bye,” it’s “till next time.”

Drew Porter | Jordan
Drew Porter

This is a picture from my semester abroad in Amman, Jordan. My experience studying abroad in the Middle East was wonderful. I not only got to learn the language from natural born speakers, but I also got to live with a native family that was from Syria. I learned so much about the Arab culture and religion, and faced many challenges that people from America may never experience. All in all I would recommend studying abroad anywhere in the world just to learn things that you will not learn at WSU.

Lukas Fontanilla | Japan

For my first three months in Japan, I was living with a host family in Shibuya, Tokyo. Through a random conversation with my host father, the opportunity to participate in a festival called the “Omikoshi Matsuri” arose and, together with my host father, I joined a group of his acquaintances in what turned out to be an unforgettable experience.

Our district group in Shibuya consisted of around twenty-five people, and for roughly five hours we made our rotations transporting a very heavy shrine, along with a bunch of other district groups and their shrines, throughout the heart of Shibuya. The funny thing about this experience, or painful thing one could say, was the fact that nearly all the participants in my district where quite a bit shorter than myself, which forced me to carry my burden of the weight in a full squatting position, else the wooden planks would’ve completely taken out my shoulders. The extremely lively atmosphere and strong spirit of my fellow participants, however, provided an insane amount of energy to feed on and for the duration of the festival I truly felt one with the people.


Need financial assistance to study abroad? Check out our Asia Program scholarship offerings, as well as WSU Study Abroad’s scholarships and finances section.