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Asia Program

Undergraduate Studies

The Asia Program offers course work in major areas of the humanities and social sciences, including language, literature, history, culture, philosophy, art, religion, anthropology, political science, and film.


The major in Asian studies promotes depth and breadth. The program provides students the opportunity to focus on one country or region (China, Japan, India, Middle East), while at the same time requiring students to develop pan-Asian perspectives through geographic distribution requirements and interdisciplinary perspectives (through disciplinary distribution requirements).


Alternatively, students may complete a minor in Asian studies, tailored to their individual interests, while satisfying several of their general education requirements.

Many students have chosen the minor in association with a major in agriculture, anthropology, business, communication, economics, foreign languages, history, international business, political science, and other fields. Double majors with these fields are also possible and provide even greater career flexibility.


Students majoring in programs in the College of Business or the College of Engineering and Architecture may choose to infuse East Asian studies in a manageable way by pursuing one of our two certificate programs:


Although distinguished for their scholarly publications, Asia Program faculty members consider teaching their primary mission. Our professors are excellent instructors who enjoy undergraduate instruction, and they take that responsibility seriously.

Asia Program Director

Dr. Raymond Sun
Wilson Short Hall 339


Academic Advisor

Lauri Torkelson
Wilson Short Hall 301-C


Featured photo: The Taj Mahal in India. Photo by Trey Ratcliff. Distributed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.